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From the beginning, the process of transforming myself as an artist has been a strenuous challenging task but it has been satisfying nonetheless. Creating artwork fills me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity, and has proven a most amenable vehicle for translating my inner vision to its reality. The nature of my artwork frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for pleasant encounters and interesting surprises. An example of this is my batik anti-bullying art project, which I organize with school children and refugee children at cultural centers, museums, and schools, working to eliminate bullying at schools and in the larger community. For more information, please visit 


I am totally fascinated by the beauty of nature as God’s ultimate creation. As Emily Dickinson wrote, “Nature is What We See”

Nature is What We See, the Hill, the afternoon–Squirrel, Eclipse, The Bumble-bee, Nay – Nature is Heaven, Nature is what we hear the bobolink, the sea– Thunder, the Cricket– Nay, – Nature is Harmony. Nature is what we know But have no art to say, So important our wisdom is To Her Simplicity.

It is not important if the subject matter is a tree, a mountain, the sea, or a boat; what is important is the idea and process of finding variance of shape, texture, and the harmonious combination of dark and light. The paintings I have chosen for this Website are all expressions of my fascination with those elements.

I work almost exclusively with the contrast of warm and cold colors because it allows me to be totally in control of the final work. The actual concept of a painting is only the beginning – the real excitement comes later in the process when I mix the color and see the tremendous result.

I hope that you will receive some pleasure from viewing my website.