VERSUS Exhibition

 Palais des Nations, Door 40, E Building 2nd floor, 7-25 June, 2021     organised by the WHO and other International Organizations in Geneva

My aim for this exhibition is to share my intercultural pedagogy that intertwines comfort vs discovery and autonomy vs dependence through art-making and share it with a larger audience.

For the last twenty-five years, I have been rethinking, reusing and recycling my clothes, which are mostly made with natural fabrics (silk, cotton, linen, bamboo and rayon) by batik art making. I have also been conducting batik workshops where people can revamp their old clothes with stains into new looks/styles by applying batik art. Through this exhibition, I would like to

– Introduce batik art with natural dyes in order to encourage people to be more sustainable, appreciative of their environment and creative in their artistic endeavours

– Teach people how to rethink, reuse and recycle their clothes through art making, in this case, through batik art

– Educate people about the impacts of their consumption habits, which create problems in our environment both now and in the future.

– Explore the possibility of a new initiative for a community project that reduces carbon emissions.


Batik O Canada

Recycled materials from 2016-2019 exhibitions.


Flower Power

Recycled materials from 2016-2019 exhibitions.


Batik – Indigo

Recycled materials from 2016-2019 exhibitions.


Batik – Tulip

Recycled materials from 2016-2019 exhibitions.



Parang Rusak

Recycled materials from 2016-2019 exhibitions.



Parang Rusak 2

Recycled materials from 2016-2019 exhibitions.








Through My Window, 

Mixed Media, 2020


Symbol of Freedom



The George-Étienne Cartier statue is one of the monuments in Montreal, which is topped by a winged statue – Goddess of Liberty. The concept of liberty has frequently been represented by personifications, so often shown as a female goddess. During COVID-19, there are many people feel that their freedom is taken by the circumstances of pandemic.

Mixed Media, 2020


Weather in Pictures (May-July, 2020)

The weather in the pictures during and after lockdown (May-July). The elevation of the picture corresponds to the weather that day, e.g. 18 degrees Celcius – 1.8 cm; 30 degrees Celcius – 3 cm. The missing pictures on certain days are located at different section, as I decided to group the Cohen Mural pictures in different seasons (Spring and Summer) and times (sunrise and sunset) into one presentation.


Leonard Cohen Mural in Different Times and Seasons



Hope during Pandemic



Canada, esp. Quebec adopted rainbow as the symbol of hope, along with the words “Ça va bien aller”.

Photography, 2020.


Taking by a Storm – Mixed media


This painting serves as a metaphor for COVID-19 that has become a pandemic; it’s coming down like a snowstorm in Fall; nobody expected it, nevertheless, the impact is real and powerful. It’s time for self-reflection and self-contemplation. Be still, as the Icelanders often say: “Þetta reddast” (translated – “it will all work out okay”).


During and After the Lockdown


The first two pictures describes the emptiness of our streets, especially in a very busy street in Downtown Montreal. The last picture was just after the lockdown, the street was bussling again and there was traffic jam during rush hour.


Spring Time – Renewal (1&2)


Spring Time – Renewal (3&4)


Batik painting, Shibori and Tsutsugaki


Healing Garden – Day and Night


Exhibition in Panoramic Pictures





Exhibition Book- Avy Loftus: Motifs Authochtones is still available at MUMAC

avy-loftus-back-book-motifs-autochtones avy-loftus-front-book-motifs-autochtones-indonesiens